George Dunn Music


George likes to write original songs and thanks to the production wizardry of Mr. Dean Watkins, we would like to share these 3 with you. Enjoy!



Video Snippets of Cover Songs

George has years of professional experience performing with his guitar and voice. His catalog of songs includes rock, country, reggae and more. His approach to live music is to bring a fun atmosphere, new hits and your old favorites.

George Dunn jamming out on various songs for your promo enjoyment!
Cover Songs:
1) Superstition – Stevie Wonder
2) Wonderwall – Oasis
3) Iris – Goo Goo Dolls
4) Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison
5) Wanted Dead or Alive – Bon Jovi
6) No Woman No Cry – Bob Marley
7) My Prerogative – Bobby Brown

The George Dunn Duo – George & Phil Acoustigiggin’